Assalamualaikum my love.. 
mgkin warkah tanpa suara ni tak seberapa..maybe it’s not too important..but I'm writing becoz of our relationship..this is destiny that we r nvr expected..our meeting nvr in planned..not consanguine not even related..but however we r remain unite until today..terlalu unik perancangan Dia..
more then 20 years we know each other..pernah seiring berjalan bergembira, senang hati bersama2..kita juga pernah duduk menangis bersama2..segala perit kehidupan ini kita lalui bersama2..even though we r different voices but our soul understand each other without any doubt..
sometimes ego may overwhelm the others..mungkin adakala hati terguris dgn kata2... but that's not the end for this’s was a part & parcel in our life..we are just an ordinary human..tak  pernah lari dari kesilapan..kita mempunyai 1 ikatan kuat yg tlh lama tersemat di dlm hati we love our God,  families, relatives & people surround us..Allah has been blowing those feelings to every heart each of not let the feeling go away walaupun jarak tlh memisahkan kita..
I'm not a perfect person..& never will be perfect..nobody perfect..however I have strive to complement our friendship..berjanji setia susah senang bersama2..let time pass through, janji tetap tersimpul rapi..
if one day we are separated..I will never regret for our pertemuan..who we r to question Allah..He probably got best plan for us..aku redha biarpun berat rasa hati utk berpisah..maybe this is test for us..
I have to be strong without all of you by my strong to get through the next stage of  life..only one that I want to say, thanks for being my friend..thanks for being my left & right stick..all of you never let me down..thanks for the smile..thank you for the laugh..thank you for the tears..thank you for everything..
I'm sorry jika selama ini kita pernah bermasam muka..pernah menguris hati & perasaan..never intend to do it r the best award that Allah ever gave to me..even for a moment, but it’s good & love for all of you will stay forever  untill jannah..insha Allah..
from deep bottom of my heart, I love you all, I miss you all..may Allah keep protect and bless all of you..


Ikhlas #saifhaQiem28042014

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